Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Sign of the Changing Times and Computers

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Today has been a tech news day that really puts into perspective just how far we have come in the past decade of technological development. New trends in mobile technology, mobile devices, laptop computers, and other devices are exploring innovative new fronts; while the older trends are getting an unceremonious retirement.

Intel announced today that would no longer be manufacturing Desktop PC motherboards for install in desktop PCs. This move, by Intel, puts a vary visual marker on where we are at as a technological society. The fact that desktop versions of motherboards shows that Desktop PCs have officially become obsolete. Manufacturers, including Intel now, have recently leaned-toward the trend of simply making all motherboards built for laptop-compatibility, but not for desktop. What this means, is that all new motherboards can fit into a desktop or a custom computer package, as well as a laptop; but desktop motherboards cannot go into a laptop computer. Add to this, that many POS and cash register computers are being replaced with iPads and other mobile devices, and we may see a laptop-exclusive world within 5 years.

Another surprising event that has come to pass recently, is the recurring failures by Microsoft to produce desirable, innovative, efficient programs and products. The biggest proof of how much Microsoft's product value has degraded, is the popularity of freelanced computer technicians that are offering to take Windows 8 off of your computer and replace it with Windows 7 for a fee. Yes, people are eager to pay to downgrade from the latest Microsoft software to an earlier version. This shows exactly how the image of Microsoft has changed from the once all-powerful innovators to the old man that doesn't realize he was overdue for retirement years ago.

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