Monday, January 14, 2013

Software Development and Testing

Courtesy of Inflectra

Software development is not an easy job, not by any means. In fact, it is a veritable candidate for "World's Toughest Job." What makes this job so taxing, is not the fact that computers speak in a language other than our audible and written forms, it is not the fact that in order to tell the computer to do some task, it must be told in the form of a code that has every outcome or variable predetermined, it because the room for failure is so great. There is only one true "correct" in the world of software coding, and that correctness is absolute. 

Even the smallest of errors can transform even the most sophisticated software into a jumble of useless scribbles. Every single variable must be in perfect position for all parts of a software program to run correctly. Ensuring that every tiny piece of a code that can contain billions of billions of variables, can drive the human mind to the brink, if forced. That is why the safest way to ensure correct software processes is by using software testing tools. Let the computer do the hard work for you, and then make corrections based on the reports that it generates.

One of the world's premier quality assurance software testing services is through Inflectra. The best part of Inflectra's options for software testers and programmers, is that they bundle their various software testing suites into bundles that give you -- the client -- all of the tools necessary to effectively test your software. No necessary add-ons or paid upgrades, just exactly what you needed.

To learn more about Inflectra, the products they offer, or to speak with a technical specialist and discuss your options, visit them online at:

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